Have you ever posted some picture of your friend and turns out it was a mistake? A similar incident happened with the stars Yolanada, who shared a picture of Khai on her social media handles. It was an innocent mistake but it was taken seriously. Khai have allegedly accused Yolanda for defaming her. It is a misunderstanding between both and must had been cleared with some talks, but looks like it has taken up some inconsiderable twists.

Yolanda leaks Khai Malik pictures

Yolanda shared a photo of Khai, Zayn and her on Twitter, where she later realized that there was a framed picture of Khai and Yolanda in the background. She realized it and immediately removed it from her social media account of Twitter. Later, she cropped the photo and shared it again on Twitter again. She apologized in public for the posting it without knowing. It was repeated similarly on Instagram, where she rectified her mistake by deleting it instantly.

There was an accusation against Zayn, where he denied it without any prolonging. His exact Twitter post was for the sake of the dauhgter. He said that it is a private matter and please do not publicize it. Looks like he wanted to clarify things to the root and keep it neat. He made number of posts after the incident went viral on social media.

Zayn and Gigi Relationship

Zayn and Gigi have been on-going on their relation since 2015. They first announced about it in 2016 at the red carpet Met Gala. They have been on a breakup and patch up spree since then. It has become a lot common between them to make things complicated. No one has taken up things seriously but this time recently. They allegedly broke up in public in 2018 and where back on their relation in 2019. Gigi and Zayn gave birth to a baby girl a year later.

Zayn and Gigi broke up

According to some sources, people say that Zayn and Gigi broke up after the incident with Yolanda. But few of them have an opinion that their break up was before this incident took place.

Yolanda Hadid is a popular Tv star and social media influencer. Her latest dispute is getting a lot of fan’s buzz and support. The fans from worldwide taken her side in the latest media controversy. Stay connected with us to know more about in the matter of this incident.


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