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Challenges for Third-Party Candidates: Attracting Voters, Ballot Access

In the bustling streets of South Central Los Angeles, Romeo Keyes made a decision in 2016 that he thought was foolproof - casting his vote for Donald Trump. But as the years passed, Keyes...

‘SNL Roasts GOP Lawmakers for Trump Endorsements’

In the whimsical world of "Saturday Night Live," where parodies and political satire reign supreme, a group of Republican senators found themselves in the comedic crosshairs. Despite their unwavering loyalty to former President Donald...

GOP Cheers as Dictator Backs Trump: Surprisingly Sensible

At the annual Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) conference, Nayib Bukele, the president of El Salvador, made quite the impression. Dubbing himself as "the world's coolest dictator," Bukele received a warm welcome from attendees,...

Iran Provides Shelter for Al-Qaeda Leaders, States US Department

In a world where shadows dance with danger, whispers of treachery echo through the halls of power. The US State Department has peered into the darkness and revealed a chilling truth - Iran has...

Transgender Senator Storms Out of Chamber Over ‘Sir’ Address

In the hallowed chambers of Virginia's Senate, a moment of discomfort unfolded as Senator Danica Roem, a trailblazing transgender woman, found herself at the center of a gender-related gaffe. While engaging in a debate...

Biden hopeful for Gaza ceasefire as Hamas mulls truce proposal

As the moon rose high in the sky, casting a soft glow over the war-torn lands of Gaza, a glimmer of hope emerged on the horizon. The announcement, like a beacon of light in...

States Push for Bans on Phones’ Class Distraction

In a bustling high school in sunny California, a teacher grumbles about students sneaking peeks at Netflix on their trusty smartphones in the middle of class. Meanwhile, on the opposite coast in Maryland, a...

US Delegation Headed to India for Security Talks Amid Pannun Case

In a dynamic dance of diplomacy and dialogue, a delegation from the United States is poised to embark on a journey to India for the Homeland Security Dialogue (HSD), a meeting of minds and...

Alabama Judge Shot by Son in Critical Condition

In a small corner of Montgomery County, Alabama, a tragic tale unfolds as Judge Johnny Hardwick, a well-respected figure in the legal community, lies in critical condition after a harrowing incident involving his own...

Female Inmate Alleges Forced Co-Habitation with Masturbating Transgender Prisoner

In the bleak confines of a prison cell, Katelyn McGraw finds herself entangled in a distressing situation. Her cellmate’s inappropriate behavior, characterized by continuous acts of self-indulgence, lewd comments, and aggressive demeanor, has plunged...