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lil pete age

Who is Lil Pete? Age, Face, Height, Net Worth, Real Name

Rodrigue Jackson, popularly known as Lil Pete, is an American rapper from San Francisco. He was born on the 15th of June, 1996. His sun sign is Gemini. He has come across as one...
edp445 age

Who is Edp445? Age, Height, Net Worth, Real Name, Girlfriend

EDP445 is an emerging rapper and viral Youtuber. His real name is Bryant Moreland, he has his own youtube channel, which is holding millions of subscribers. His channel is catching good growth, his channel's...
central cee age

Central Cee Net Worth, Age, Height, Wiki, Real Name, Girlfriend

Central Cee is one of the British rappers and musicals. He is from Sheperd's Bush, London. Most of the time, he is recognized for being one of the best rappers and his singles are...
lil esco age

Lil Esco 28 Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Height, Instagram

Lil Esco 28 is one of the eminent and emerging stars or say music star, who is professionally a singer and rapper. He got name and fame for being a popular rap vocalist, his...
arnauld soly wiki

Arnaud Soly Wiki, Biography, Age, Parents, Height, Net Worth

Arnaud is one of the emerging rappers, who is recognized for his diss tracks on his YouTube channel. Yes, he has his own YouTube channel, which is gaining a number of subscribers, so far...
spotemgottem bio

SpotemGottem Net Worth, Age, Height, Wiki, Biography, Real Name

A new young guy name is popping out in the rapping world. His name is SpotemGottem. This little kid won the hearts of public by his Hip-hop and jazz music rap. His rap videos...
1 way frank age

Rapper 1wayfrank Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Family, Net Worth

The numbers of the rappers is rising each day. The new rapper who emerged to the fans from his amazing song made great appearances on the stages too. Each one of us has heard...
rapper yungstar age

Rapper Yungstar Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Girlfriend

A young and emerging rapper, whom people are loving these days and giving so much love. His name is Yungstar, who is professionally a rapper, and known for his songs, which hit people for...
ola runt age

Ola Runt Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Real Name, Height, Girlfriend

Ola Runt is a famous musical artist. He is popular as a rapper. He gained popularity from one of his remix to King Von’s “Crazy Story” titled “Brazy story”. He was born on 10th...
erica banks age

Erica Banks Bio, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Real Name, Net Worth

Erica Scharmane Breaux is popularly known as the Erica Banks. She is a popular American rapper, singer and song writer. Erica was born on 5th October 1998. She is 23 years of young girl....