The sudden got accident of Tammy folks on 27th of August 2018 shocked the nation. the death of five children mother get the worldwide attention. At that time, police considered this incident as a car accident and closed the case but after three years unfolded truths are coming out behind this car accident. after investigation, the case is revealed as aim murder case rather than an accident case. so let’s gather some knowledge who is the let off 5 children mother Tammy fox.

Highlights About the Murder of Tammy Fox

There was a serious car accident which took place in 2018. Tammy fox like other days driving along the pine Street, which is a quite tree lined Road in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Suddenly while driving her car speed is accelerating at about 60MPH. the result of which the car hits the parked cars and a tree, according to the statement given by Pennsylvania State Police. 38 years old Tammy fox loses her control of her black Hyundai Sonata and crashing into the tree after her break was failed. folks was hit with serious injuries and taken to the hospital but unfortunately she died. at that time police closed the case by saying that it was a car accident.

Is a murder or really a car accident?

But suddenly Pennsylvania State Police is changing their statement in the dead case of Tammy fox. Police is now saying that it is it homicide not a car accident. That means someone has killed Tammy fox. Who is he or she? According to the investigation, the killer of Tammy fox is none other than his own 39 year old boyfriend name John Williams Jenkins. John Williams Jenkins has admitted h his sin that he cut the brake lines of folks car. he further give the statement to police saying that he wanted to obtain a metal pipe that could be used to smoke crack cocaine. Join Williams Jenkins is now behind the gaol verse with a charge of murder her girlfriend. Fox families is still believing that there are some unfold truth an motives behind the fox death which may be solves later on.

Tammy fox was driving her car along Pine Street in Scranton when she reported seeing a deer. The animal crossed the road, causing Tammy’s speed to accelerate and impact with its front end. We will soon have more updated news on this accident Tammy Fox death information.

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