Johnmar Villaluna (OhMyV33nus) is the pro player or captain (team) of Blacklist International Season 7 champions of Mobile Legends Professional League Philippines or MPL-PH. OhMyV33nus is a member of LGBTQ + community. This personality is a pro player in Blacklist International. After win of Blacklist International against Bren Esports, the social media got flooded up with hatred comments against OhMyV33nus. Something unusual or we can say disrespectful happened during the live stream. Find more of the OhMyV33nus age, gender, real name and net worth.

OhMyV33nus Wiki

OhMyV33nus is a competitive player from the Philippines. He is known for playing into the tournament matches. In the play, teammates of Blacklist International were Wise, Dex Star, Coach Bon Chan, Eson, Edward and Oheb. After defeating Bren esports with 4-3 number, social media got exaggerated with homophobhic comments. Many came in support of this pro player of Blacklist International.

OhMyV33nus Age

Full Name: Johnmar Villaluna
Birth Date: 2000
Birth Place: Philippines
Age: Under 20
Popular For: Mobile Legends Professional League
Profession: Esports Player
Nationality: NA
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Asian

OhMyVeenus Gender

OhMyv33nus has a belief that presenting community of a particular gender is not wrong. There should be no disrespect for any community. OhMyV33nus recents post clearly depicts his strong motivation to work for esports organization and prove haters wrong. However, supporters of OhMyV33nus came in protection of him. The former team ONIC PH had said “Right thing to do” and many other positive comments in support of OhMyV33nus.

Career and Wins

After Blacklist International’s 7-0 MPL-PH which against the Bren Esports, many strange and weird comments started to get imposed on over Johnmar Villalula (OhMyV33nus). The social media got flooded up with hatred comments. Various controversies started to arise. However, OhMyV33nus proved himself to be very strong and through his post on over facebook, he told to everyone that how it’s so tough and challenging to be a part of both LGBTQ+ community and esports community.

OhMyVeenus Social Media

Before talking about OhMyV33nus, we should know about Blacklist International. The Blacklist International is a Tier One Entertainment E-sport label that aims to represent Philippines. Earlier it was also popular by the name SXC Imbalance. Once, OhMyV33nus and Wise Gaming came in news by their announcement that they wanted to join Blacklist International. They both believe that this esports organization could be proven to be an instantaneous booming industry. The Blacklist International was even happy with the decision that their pro legends can bring their esports to a next level.

He has 232K subs on YouTube.


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