Recently, news is being viral across the channels about the harsh behavior of former NY football running back player towards her girlfriend Kristin Evans. What is the exact matter? Is the couple married? Since when they are dating each other? We are going to tell you all the information of the duo. Stay tuned till the end.

Zac Stacy is a very famous New York Jets Running back player. He played last match in 2019 for Mephis Express. Recently he is in the highlights because of his abusive behavior and brutally attacked on his girlfriend and the mother of his child Kristin Evans. He attacked Kristin in front of his 5 month old child who was sitting a feet distance from them.

The incident took place at the Saturday afternoon 2 P.M in Florida . Zac came to Evans home to meet his 5 months old son. And that meeting soon turned into violence. The video has viral showing Evans to stop the fight. She was seeing begging in front of the Zac. Apart from this according to the sources, Zac hits Evans several times on her head and brutally threw her in the Television. Unfortunately, the television falls on top of Evans. He also body slammed her into their 5 months old son bouncy seat. She went to the hospital to treat her wounds on her head.

Evans called out the police and asked for restraining order for her as well as for her child too. Evans is the ex- girlfriend of Zac. The couple is parents of a 5month old male child. The child is witnessed of whole the incidence. The infant is too small to understand his parent’s violence. Evans old child was hiding in the room and did not came out because of fear. He was remains in the room during the whole incidence. The couple never married.

They were dating each other since long but later on keep their ways apart. Zac is currently on the run after the incidence. He leaves Florida before the cops came. Zac is still in fear because of Zac as he may later on harm her and her both children. The federal warrant has already been issued in the name of Zac.

The net worth of Zac Stacy is dollar one million. He is asscused of misbehaving with girlfriend. The video surfaced on the social media and fans are reacting to it supporting the different parties.


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